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Knowledge management is very important to any organization. Knowledge learned in a project should carry forward to subsequent projects. Documents and practices created earlier can be reused if proper management is in place. Document tracking becomes critical so as to ensure proper knowledge management in an organization.

Properly tracked documents provide cost savings in terms of reduced effort to locate a document, redo or rewrite a document and prevents lost or misplaced documents. Whether it involves using passive RFID tags to identify who checked out a document or a combination of passive and active RFID tags to know the exact location of the document, TrackIT can provide the solution.

An efficient office keeps good documentation as well as an organized filing system, but it is nearly impossible to know where a file may be at any moment, who is viewing the files, how long their being viewed, and when they are returned. A customized RFID solution can easily identify and track important documents and folders in a hospital, law firm, insurance agency or other facility of any size, and even match them to the employees viewing them.

For example, if every employee in a law firm is given a tagged ID card, then strategically placed RFID readers can match employees with the tagged documents or files as they are removed from a specific location. A simple customized solution would allow network users to search the document and find out who had it last as well as where he/she was last located.

A real-time, vertical solution could also be used to instantly track a document and employee anywhere in a company facility.

An important document that must stay in an office or facility can even be flagged with security measures so that any attempt to steal it would trigger an alarm via sound, messages, or via email and text messages.

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