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TrackIT Systems Technology

TrackIT Systems Technology

Hospital Asset Tracking

Track every tagged asset within the hospital environment. Information logs can be maintained with Proximity tracking or a Real Time Location System (RTLS) tracking. On a 2D map, an asset can be viewed in motion while moving around a hospital corridor, room, surgical suite, ER, or even in the basement where supplies are typically stored. Reports of locations and asset management tools are also available to be purchased and integrated into the system.

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Patient & Employee Tracking

The RTLS also allows clients to tag patients, employees, and doctors with an ID badge. Knowing where members of your staff are at any given time can help the hospital better analyze the work process during the course of a shift. Knowing where patients are at any time further helps reduce costs on an hourly basis.

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Event Tracking at Point of Care

Event tracking and logging automates the documentation and ensures compliance. Multiple tags are viewed and enables you to see all people, equipment and caregivers in a specific setting.

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Document Tracking

Knowledge management is very important to any organization. Knowledge learned in a project should carry forward to subsequent projects. Documents and practices created earlier can be reused if proper management is in place. Document tracking becomes critical so as to ensure proper knowledge management in an organization. Properly tracked documents provide cost savings in terms of reduced effort to locate a document, redo or rewrite a document and prevents lost or misplaced documents.

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Life Sciences

Beyond mandates, RFID gives life sciences companies a competitive advantage in the market. They can provide better quality of service to customers and patients, increase on-shelf availability of products, track and recall products faster and more easily, improve inventory and asset management, improve drug safety, and save significant money on counterfeit and diverted products. Taking RFID from a reactive obligation to a transformational opportunity positively impacts patient lives and the entire life sciences value chain.


Disaster Preparedness

Internet access can provide the ability to view and manage a facility remotely in real time during an incident. This insures all tagged personnel; equipment, patients or charts can be located and moved to safety in the shortest amount of time.


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