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TrackIT Systems Technology

Collecting information passing through the TrackIT system enables new levels of analysis and decision support, while ensuring compliance with HIPAA security regulations.

While the TrackIT system tracks and manages people and equipment in real time, it also maintains a historical record of where the tags have traveled in the past. This feature provides useful data entry that could be very valuable in measuring the past metrics vs current metrics of a facility or individual. The stored data could be used to gain insight into purchasing decisions or how two facilities compare.

An example of utilizing this stored data could be in managing the spread of disease in a healthcare facility.

In a hospital using this product where entities are tagged and traced, it would be possible to track and predict the exposure to potentially life threatening pathogens. Consider a scenario whereas an individual presents themselves in the emergency room of the hospital. Here the patient is tagged and diagnosed. This same patient may be transported to Radiology for X-rays, or perhaps the Laboratory for blood work or additional test. Upon returning to the emergency department the patient may be provided discharge orders and sent home.

Continuing with this same set of circumstances, lets assume that this same individual's blood work comes back indicating some type of exposure to a highly infectious disease such as Smallpox. A smallpox outbreak poses difficult problems because of the ability of the virus to continue to spread throughout the population unless checked by vaccination and/or isolation of patients and their close contacts.

Between the time of an aerosol release of smallpox and diagnosis of the first cases, an interval of as much as two weeks is apt to occur. This is because there is an average incubation period of 12 to 14 days. When our patient visited the hospital's emergency room he was not displaying the full systems of the disease, but was nonetheless ostensibly exposed. Using the historical data that was captured upon the patient's earlier visit to the emergency room, the TrackIT system can replay the entire path of where the patient traveled in our facility. As well, the software can relate every hospital worker or visitor in our facility that may have crossed the path of the infective individual identifying any potential exposures that may have occurred. In these instances appropriate supportive therapies and antibiotics as required for treating exposure can be initiated for all persons exposed.

To fully appreciate the potential of UWB in these applications, it is essential for the designer to firmly grasp the unique characteristics of this form of wireless transmission. TrackIT is steadfast in taking advantage of these promising technologies to create a company that is leading the way in solving many of the safety, security, and healthcare needs of Americans.


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