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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID):

A method of identifying unique items using radio waves. Typically, a reader communicates with a tag, which holds digital information in a microchip.

Active RFID tag:

An RFID tag that has a transmitter to send back information, rather than reflecting back a signal from the reader, as a passive tag does. Most active tags use a battery to transmit a signal to a reader.


Real-time locating system (RTLS):

A system of finding the position of assets, using active RFID tags. The tags broadcast a signal, which is received by three reader antennas. The time each signal is received is passed on to a software system that uses triangulation to calculate the location of the asset.

Products-Ultra Wi-Fi (Dual-Mode) System:

Through TrackIT's channel partner relationship with Time Domain Corporation TrackIT can now sell the Ultra-Wi-Fi Dual mode system. The new product combines the precision location, high tag capacity and "real time data" of UWB with the ease of deployment across large facilities of Wi-Fi based location, for a multitude of asset monitoring and management applications.

Product-Passive Tags:

Whether your application is as simple as an unprinted thermal RFID tag or as complex as a full prime printed RFID tag with a complete reader system, TrackIT has the industry expertise, rapid turn-around time, and technology to meet and exceed your expectations.

RTLS Reports:

Provide the end user the ability to create reports based on their needs. This rules based system leverages the unique ability of uwb to time stamp and alert predefined tag to tag interaction and/or tag to area interaction. The "real time" data can be summarized into reports that can assist management with important decisions about workflow and process analysis or equipment utilization.

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